Visiting places? Have you got a vaccine passport?

I’ve seen a couple of places advertising plant sales in a week or so and in May. Trying to arrange a meet-up on either day hasn’t proved simple. I get days and dates muddled for a start. I am wiped out a lot of the time at the moment and I find myself unable to plan for today or tomorrow, let alone Months in advance.


As there are a rise in C19 cases in the UK, there’s a good chance work will ramp up again, though the advice will be hard when restrictions are largely voluntary and can’t be enforced.

Under the hawthorn

The good thing is that enough people are vaccinated (not all) and I must encourage some of the last of the unvaccinated to get jabbed. It seems we are living with a lot of people who just don’t think it’s worth it. They’ve been listening to the medically neurotic charlatans or bible-bashing churchistas.

Vaccines have historically saved a heck of a lot of people and it’s impossible for Bill Gates to have funded the tech to insert micro chips into every dose you might have! The vaccines are vegan and vegetarian compliant as well, so people who are still resisting, why? It seems despite the success of smallpox flu and TB vaccinations for many years are not enough to acknowledge the science has been improving since the first vaccines were used to enable many more deadly diseases to be stopped in their tracks. And in 2022 the fear is for bad things to happen, not good…

Just about to fill my wheelbarrow with colour!

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