I saw a garden site pop up on my feed…

It was actually not far away and selling off lots of plants for not very much. We visited after a visit to another couple of garden centres and we had a wild array by the end of the day of three for bargains and I’ll throw that in. I’ve been chewing up some unwanted grass and couch grass and turning over the big pile of soil, but it’s still going to take a while to finish.

Filling up the area where the laurel and privet were removed.
In progress…

I am fitter than I was last week so maybe the lurgy is making a move. I’ve spent a good couple of hours in the garden listening to high pitched giggles, which means my youngest has got past the ‘entertain me’ stage and school holidays are no longer to be dreaded.

Latest fundraising duck! Fits on a necker!
I’ve got three of these to add in!

For reference, the third garden place is called Waste Not Want Not on the road into Knebworth and I hadn’t seen it before on my travels around the county. We stopped for lunch at two pm.

That iris, acquilegia and knautia were from WNWN.

Red was buzzing around all evening too! Am I feeding his family? Plenty of worms getting dug up. Soil is healthy!

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