After a bad day came something good…

Proud parents watched 15-year-old pick up her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award… Certificate still signed by Phillip in absentia but we all know the award was set up by him a long time ago. We were very happy to see C pick up the award. She received the envelope heralding the start of Silver but she’s been doing the volunteering since January, going to the cubs as a Young Leader.

And today being April Fools I hesitated posting anything else as it might be seen as a big joke but I held off until evening as I’ve watched in disbelief as it snowed again… and I have got plans… to sort out camps and Korea equipment this weekend might also involve a blood test if I can find somewhere able to do it. I tried Welwyn and my own surgery have said I need a copy of the letter from Addenbrookes which they should have…

Dead proud!

I’ve had a wander around the garden and there are some things about to flower including some really dumpy tulips! Not sure what to think! Also apologies for my shadows but it’s bright!

Not sure whether one of those spiky shoots is a bramble…
These tulips are so dinky!
A tipple to try at the weekend?

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