April is promising SO much!

Even snow is still being mentioned on a traumatically regular basis. I hate being cold and I hate the slippiness snow brings as I am unstable enough on my feet. Stairs still have a bad effect on me. But I don’t LOOK disabled… I’ve just sent off for my disabled badge after getting a parking ticket for not displaying the clock with my badge… if I pay really quick it’s only £35… which is not insignificant! Grr!

And I think if I’m honest I haven’t recovered properly from Covid as I keep getting bad headaches and my ability to get back in the garden is being hampered by sudden onset indecision. I don’t seem able to decide where to put things, and it’s several things I’m struggling with. I was given a couple of raspberry bushes and I’ve had a few things delivered. I have plants to save which have been attacked by the crow (gr) and I sat on the bench earlier and just felt so much lethargy. It’s been nice today as well, but I want to just stick my feet up and rest.

My weeping crab apple is starting to unfurl its leaves…

We’ve had the night out we didn’t get for our anniversary on Friday and we enjoyed doing the things we used to do before pandemic, although with a couple of hospital sessions, we both have to try being more healthy and cutting down on unhealthy food. We will try!

I took the little plastic loops of my rhus in the back bed.

Going round the garden we have several silver birch trees looking happy. One was moved to allow for a new shed but it’s now in a new spot. But it will be a few more years before they pop over the fence and allow opportunist workers to offer to chop them for us. We will continue to approach firms we have used before…

This silver birch we moved… originally it was a bargain from a supermarket!

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