I thought we were not getting SNOW…

Really, really, really late this year! Seasons are out of synch with our normal, and am I thinking I am glad I didn’t plan a gardening session anytime soon? Maybe! It’s not heavy yet, more of a swirl than a dump, light flakes rather than hail stones. It will mean I will probably be staying home today (other than school drops, as cycling was not an option my oldest wanted to consider) if I can. I have some training to read/watch.

It’s weird being so cold and then the sun comes out. Flurries over for a while? Who knows? Struggling to stay awake watching training films I stopped for lunch and it didn’t appeal to me to leave the warmth of the house.

Blossom is worth leaving the house for and usual side streets nearby oblige with magnolia, cherry and hawthorn or one identified by Google as blackthorn. Think that is the spiky one in the front garden which needs culled asap. It is a bit like mares tail in the ways it pops up! Annoying too that snow appears so late in the season but hopefully it won’t lie long on the ground as it’s had a few weeks of warming up.

Another flurry!
Ten seconds outside…

I now have to drive and collect the oldest and I don’t like driving in the snow. Scary feeling driving across town when you don’t know whether it’s going to get slippery…

Not gardening weather unless I huddle in the greenhouse…

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