It’s a two-post day!

I’m so excited. My hubby took the chainsaw to the Laurel and the privet! This is in the area by the house and it wasn’t a favourite of mine as it’s yellow! I’d just planted up the bed in front of it, so there is potential for lots of orange and red flora. I’ve planted crocosmia and lilies as well as convolvulus and buried the fig tree I got from a friend. I had another couple of chocolate cosmos so they now surround this bed. If they grow! As my record isn’t good so far in this garden… do slugs eat them?

I’ve still got more to plant as now the privet and Laurel is at the ground I can access a whole bed. There are more blue and purple plants to change this bed from yellow. I will pull out some more primroses, which grow like crazy in the garden. I’ve got some climbers to put against the fence. I have almost filled the brown bin with different bits of bushes and weeds. I probably need to take a break after I clear the area under the felled trees.

I’ve planted so much! I’ve probably overdone it but Squeaky had a friend round and to lots of high-octane squeals they’ve made the dinner! So it meant I kept digging and planting! The bed nearest the house by the side gate has been filled with a few climbers, gladioli, lilies, and a couple of roses. I didn’t get rid of all the primroses and left some of the greenery as ground cover. I have overdone it physically but I still have things to plant…

I don’t know what this is but a family visitor left it behind a couple of years ago so I planted it…

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