Honest thoughts?

I really thought I was going to be struggling today as everything was hurting after I dug a load of things into the garden, but I can live with it. I have had 2 clear test strips so Covid has done one. Yay! But it wasn’t as kind to me as I wanted it to be. I should probably look at what I can do to build my health up again.

I take vitamins and try to eat some healthy things but if I am honest, I could do more. I should probably make myself go swimming or start doing gentle exercises. Gardening is probably a help, as long as I think about what I am doing and alternate between stretching (pruning), kneeling (weeding) and bending (digging).

I kind of feel like I need to buy more plants, but I know I need to stop and take stock of what areas still need attention before I overdo it. A lovely garden was shown on the TV on Friday where the woman had really planned out a luscious border and at the moment I am far off this stage. I am still getting rid of things…

This glorious blossom was on a tree in my daughters school playground.
And this was the ground surface.
Daffodils are still going strong.

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