Starting to feel pressured!

It’s a weird life I have. I’ve got too many things to organise and my head feels like it’s gonna explode. A Mother’s Day event needs baking for and planning. Garden things need planting soon or they will not be worth planting.

And I have finally attacked the only rose which hasn’t been pruned in five years. Interspersed with brambles which sneak through another privet. Yes that’ll be three privets I don’t want or need next to fences which are shielded and hiding the wild brambles. I went into attack mode and Red was very interested! He swooped down and landed less than a metre away. I’ve lifted lots of leaves and hollow shoots to make way for new growth.

Before weeding!

Dead leaves also hide dog business so there have been a few near misses. Youngest wanted money so offered two meals this week, but her belongings are still strewn everywhere so I think tidying is part of the deal too.

Little ducks crocheted by my oldest to add to her pot for Korea! This is a personalised one! The other one is basic.

My second LFT test is negative so I will be baking like mad for Mother’s Day bake sale next week. Little scones and Victoria sponge and brownies have been asked for but I need to publicise it. A week to go!

After weeding and pruning! Much to be done!

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