After Eunice had passed…

It’s been very wet and when the sun broke out at about three I convinced my other half to construct that compost bin I bought and failed to construct by myself. I think having more height made it easier for him to manhandle the pieces! It’s built now and having positioned it where I wanted, I need to work on filling it.

Laurel looking smaller…

Life in the garden is quite squelchy, but I trimmed the privet again. I will get rid of it soonest and replace it with something blue or purple! I trimmed it to the height of the fence and started filling the brown bin. A fair few brambles also disappeared as they keep creeping into the spaces at the base of the laurel and privet.

This was the first area I filled in October time. Hopefully it’s not so enticing to slugs/snails anymore ! I will also keep my eyes out for other of my nemesis!

I have to shift some muck, soil and compost soon but it was too damp today. I couldn’t imagine it would mix very well given it was soggy. I can see lots of bulbs shooting up. I’ve got bits more to plant, as ever. I can’t seem to stop picking up more either!

Hmm… weeding of sticky Willy needed!

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