Blowing up a storm!

12 noon is pinpointed as being the worst of the storm. I went out to put some recycling in the bin and noticed hubby has put wires through all of the bins to keep them together. Hopefully we won’t be searching for them later. Everyone is inside so we are accounted for. I want to do something useful but it’s not the time. I can see everything being challenged in the gusts.

Time for hot chocolate methinks… but it’s rubbish with milk substitute! So herbal tea entices me not, either. Having grumbled about constant telly I must not weaken and stick the gogglebox on.

Don’t think my neighbour shoved the fence down!

More washing? Maybe… Oh this weekend is going to be tidying! Gardening in February is about preparation after all. Jobs inside while the snow/slush/ice make the ground too hard but wind blowing us off our feet? Phew that’s coastal, not landlocked central regions.

First casualty was the front of the car which got thumped by the side gates flying open. I never thought to pull the car back a foot so the gates won’t hit. Black mark above the bumper! Black mark to me for not parking the car a sufficient distance away! And mid-afternoon saw a fence panel down. Lots of plant pots are swirling round the garden, trees have been filmed toppling over and the roof of the O2 arena in London has been ripped off… Bad storm! Time for chocolate spread!

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