And more panels down…

So the fourth day of high winds sees us replacing another fence panel. Storm Eunice was followed swiftly by the F version of the next storm. It’s still bleeping cold and the wind speed having beaten it’s own records, isn’t quite at 122 miles an hour but it was still enough to kiss the fence and blow it in.

2nd lot of panels…
Our neighbour might not notice it because it’s behind her greenhouse… you can see it might have done for one of the roses!

You can see that this area is heavily covered in leaves which I am leaving for now. They might be providing shelter? I am also working out whether I should cut a load of privet to try and grow some off cuts and turn another grassy area into a knot garden, just because I can? I could plant up herbs in it and turn lawn into something useful. As it is I’m trying to see if I can grow some of my purple flowers into plants by cutting some shoots from the dead one. I live in hope!

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