Better late than never?

I have planted more bulbs in a couple of hours than I ever realised I had bought. I even bought some snowdrops from the hardware store I was in to buy ericaseous compost! I’ve bought some tiny acers and apparently they prefer it. I’m just planting things with a little bit of ‘hope it works’ and a bit of ‘this worked here last year’. I am not started on seeds yet but there are lots to sprinkle when the mood strikes!

The weeds here were lifted!
Red kept startling me! So close! But obviously grateful for the turned earth…

There are masses of things in places they aren’t wanted (try bikes, plastic boxes and ‘garden stuff’) and one day it will disappear but hopefully if it snows I could forget it’s there? (Wishful thinking? Or where has the ‘me’ gone who HATES snow and iciness?) I find the garden so big, I am doing bits which catch my eye. I am seeing couch grass everywhere but it pulls out so easily when the earth is wet and slippery it is gone in an instant. The garden bin gets emptied tomorrow so I can pull out some more!

A few more paths are needed so perhaps some of these will be purchased…

Looking forward to the new planted areas. Some are beside where they will be not seen from the house but from new work areas at some point in the future. There is some of the herb garden left but not in its original layout. And I have so many lavender bushes finding life suits them in our garden that we will definitely be visited by any bees that find themselves in our little corner of Letchworth.

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