My credit card twitched and…

Seeds arrived through the post! I managed to get some herbs, some vegetables and free flowers. But despite ordering all of these there are only a few crossovers and duplicates… Planting in trays this weekend? But I won’t be using old LFT strips as vegetable labels. I saw it somewhere online but my attempt at opening and separating the little strip was unsuccessful.

Not successful in opening it up!

The session last weekend planted those bulbs I love, but it’s not completely eradicated the cabbage and chard I didn’t compost when it wasn’t eaten by us. There are significant nibbles on what is left, and the thought of cleaning it all to find any edible bits is not at all appealing.

I’ve also had a new compost container delivered but I fear its reviews don’t quite equate to the bits that were in the box and now need assembled. It looked substantial enough to deter our rodent friends from chomping or nesting in the garden and kitchen waste, but it possibly won’t stop a determined creature from burrowing under the soil…

How much of this will I be complaining about this year? I hope I will have a few months before it becomes obvious.

I hope it’s not too cold for me to reposition our two existing bins and finding a good spot for the new bin. We still have random rat traps lying all over the garden that the rat man appointed by my husband set out all those months ago. Shame as he seemed very good and we hoped he could be recommended rather than be left slightly disappointed by his disappearance/non-collection of the traps.

A training course I did this morning seemed to dismiss the seemingly positive effect of multi-tasking, and encouraged the return to concentrating on things in a more focused way. Well, when I apply that to gardening tasks, I definitely get more done, even if I do it in definite stages. Scattergun is not my best way forward!

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