Feeling nostalgic

In my past working life I visited Venice one year for the Biennale. Tonight I was reminded of that special experience in c. 2005 (I don’t remember exactly). But tonight I watched the BBC and the wonderful Monty Don exploring the gardens of Venice. It’s part of a series that’s no doubt going to inspire my Friday nights for the next few weeks. I have been to many of the places he explored, apart from the private terraces and amazing private palazzos but I enjoyed vicariously some beautiful spaces.

I want to create a lush hidden space of my own and even thinking about the garden created by Carlo Scarpa (one of my favourite architects) and the positioning of trees makes me realise that so much of my own space is about the ‘replacement‘ of features and the enjoyment of different vistas. I need to keep thinking about the things I will introduce and encourage the things that like the garden to form new areas to pause and sit. We know that we get hot spots and shady areas, but I’m not an ardent sun worshipper. (No one with my Scottish skin should be,)

Pictures are taken from my television! Probably I should credit the BBC 😊

We have created new spaces with some of the earth to position the new shed for garden things and the new shed for home working. I want to plant some more areas which have been under plastic for a year. The leftover weed roots pull up really easily. So we can relocate the earth pile. Some of it was done last week. Hoping it doesn’t freeze…

Hope it isn’t going to flip to the coldest January in history after the warmest Christmas on record! Inspiration from television needs to be translated into small new projects. Hopefully I can keep earning to pay for the hard landscaping and shrubs I get inspired to include. I’ve got three little acers to plant, as well as some more things I’ve squirrelled away in the greenhouse. And my seed collection needs planting! Greenhouse experiments for another spring…

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