2022 approaches…

I haven’t been out since the 24th to survey the jobs I could be doing. I am excited for what I could be doing.

My resolutions for the coming year are probably easily guessed? I’ve purchased some plants today. Not sure when they will arrive, but they will involve digging! Quite happy that earth hasn’t frozen as the temperature has stayed above zero. I am not bothered about white anything either…

Ok here goes!

One: Don’t grumble about weeding!

Two: Look after your expensive purchases…

Three: Plant all those seeds! Packets need planting, not sitting around getting old and mouldy.

Four: Cut the grass regularly, if the poop is picked up regularly…

Five: Accept that parts of the garden don’t support all the plants I want.

Six: Find a use for things I don’t want to grow, but which grow in abundance. Or find a way of culling using some of my newest gadgets!

Seven: Clear areas we want to build our sheds on. Again this is cyclical because we haven’t built the sheds yet.

Eight: Take time to think about the areas where plants need to be moved and discuss with my husband. We keep trying to move the roses, and it’s not been successful.

Nine: Read some of the books to get routines and techniques understood!

Ten: Enjoy!

Here’s to a productive and happy 2022! Hope your gardens grow luscious and healthy in whatever part of the world you are in!


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