Gardening on Christmas Eve?!?

Oh no, you’re not! Oh yes, I was! I planted some of those bulbs I bought in October, and moved some of the earth from the mound! Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes I did, AND I was visited by Red who was glad of some worms! It was mucky and messy and I enjoyed it a lot. We had covered the area with plastic to kill the weeds and I tipped several of my window-box-shaped planters which were full of water into the area too. What comes up is a bonus. If it doesn’t it has no place in a garden it might be neglected in. That’s my new theology by the way, don’t plant things that don’t thrive on mismanagement and neglect!

The garden was not cold. It was sunny and fresh, and I was able to plan my next moves for the day which involve cooking for tomorrow. We’ve been doing daily LFT tests to ensure we can see the oldest member of the family, who after a month of accidents and hospitalisations (plural), is never going back to her 50-year residence. When I was first diagnosed with MS I struggled with the stairs there, so there was no way cracking a pelvis would enable that either, so alternative accommodation has been found. A very different day but we’re all doing a bit so it doesn’t fall to one family.

It looks messy here but it doesn’t now…
The bricks need to be settled…
Can you spot Red?

It’s shaping up to be a very different holiday – after my morning today I am still plotting (weather permitting) what I am capable of doing outside while we are off – but I am less keen on watching back-to-back television, whether it’s this years or classics. A Christmas present may come into it, but my lips are sealed!

Mucky work!

I hope your gardens grow well in 2022 and your health and happiness is to the forefront! Let’s take nothing for granted!

Seasons greetings! 

PS Baking afternoon saw us do lemon buns, chocolate and banana muffins and sausage rolls and crab rolls for the pescatarian x


Muffins are watching you!
Sausage rolls!

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