Now it is dangerously Hot!

I have pulled a lot more weeds and roots off the Stinky geranium patch but it is causing drips to stream down my face and if I tilt my head forwards, to pool on my glasses. I had a traumatic experience in the optician which caused me to come home much lighter of purse. I am advised to wear reading glasses at night (these were the cheapest) and when she saw how wonky my sunglasses were, a new frame was advised. My current glasses/sunglasses become my spares, but my normal glasses had to be improved and as my prescription is very specialised, the lenses ain’t cheap… I better get paid again before we go away to Scotland…

New salvia!
This side is almost ready for planting!

But I go to RHS Wiseley on Saturday and I will put a limit on my spending! It’s too hot to plant much! Even if I bought a few things from a local market today! Better charge my camera!

This side still needs turning! The sun was too hot to finish it!
Almost done…
A salvia arrived by post today! A late 50th present!

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