There was a hum of chatter on the bus…


I got the bus to RHS Wisley feeling apprehensive about my fitness for a whole day trip. The map of the gardens was extensive and lots of areas are highlighted. I just hope that we get maps on arrival (or we can pick one up). I left the family to their own devices but the dog was getting an early walk after I was dropped off. People on the bus know each other and with masks I don’t necessarily recognise anyone.

Trials of box substitutes we saw on Gardeners world

I have a wish list for plants if they are affordable but as it’s not a great time for planting maybe I should be making a picture version.

Healthy lunch!

I don’t know the history of Wisley but they might have some RHS guides to all the gardens. I am eager to see Broadwater near Manchester and we didn’t get to Harlow Carr last year.

We made good time following brown signs from the motorway and the coach arrived at just after ten o’clock . As a booked coach we will be checked in quickly (I hope) and be able to start wandering around the gardens quickly. I want to get some good pictures so I hope the rain stays away.

Hot house in a mask is hard…

Lunch was a feta salad and Rhubarb polenta cake. Sorry I am not a convert! Polenta goes better in savoury dishes!

I am just wandering now! It’s so lovely to be able to stop and potter. Lots of families to observe and not have to be the harassed parent! Doing the same things my littles did but are too grown up now to be the photographer for the day. All pics are mine!

There was a jazz band playing…

I bought teeny cacti for the girls, an echinacea or two, a salvia to match the birthday one, and a couple of heucheras, black ‘n darkest pink. And I got a homecoming committee to help me home!

Stork on the island and some very hungry fish!

More pics on my other camera so I’ll post more!

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