Stinky weeds!

It’s horribly sticky tonight! July’s late heatwave is continuing and I figured I’d continue weeding the bed I’d left to my youngest. Getting further back I’ve realised these weeds actually stink! Not smell a bit but stink! I think they are wild geraniums and boy, I was sweating and starting to feel really sick. I started on Sunday night but I can see this one failing my ‘can do’ attitude. The claw I have was helping to pull it off in chunks but it was leaving behind a lot too! I have plants to get in the ground but I fear this one might take too long/take too much energy from me.

Mum follows my blog and she said I might have to get someone in to do it! I don’t want to spend my money on that to be honest. I am not sure for the third month how long my employment will be. It’s a contract that ‘might’ be longer than we thought but in post-pandemic times there is a lot of uncertainty. I watched the PM tonight try to explain from his isolation at Chequers why they have announced all the wrong things but they want to continue with the ‘sort of freedom’ phase to appease all the idiots that voted for him. Oh and everyone can make up their own minds which advice to follow. Boy Brexitland is a great place to be!

This area has all new plants!
Even toppled sunflowers bloom!

I have cooled down now but my mind knows I am not able to go out and finish the weeding/rotavating, it’s madness to want to! I am working most days at the moment so I have to be ok for that. Some days I wake up super early too!

Only weeds are visible…
Sticky geraniums fill this trug!

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