I only hope the things I plant survive…

I am not a pretty pink fan! I eradicate those things that just radiate pink fairies (I didn’t dress my babies in pink if I could help it) and they now dress in bold colours and won’t wear dresses… So that’s a background and it is starting to show in my planting. Things are not perfect (weeds!) as there is still lots to do, but the colours in my little triangle are working really well for me!

Lilies get eaten but I’m not keen to go out and smoosh the red bugs…
Still a bit messy…

New plants are looking good, and having gone out to water everything earlier – especially the new trees – it’s now pouring with rain! I have to do more slug and snail patrols too, but if I am honest, I am usually bushed after working. It’s not mentally challenging per se, but I am regularly walking more steps than I’ve done all lockdown, even though I was doing some dog walks…

My Mother’s Day lilies have been chomped, like my cabbages!

I am still having a few things to plant (sh!) but my energy hasn’t matched my recent plant-buying enthusiasm. some things looked thirsty earlier so I am glad of rain, sorry to my sun-seeking friends! As long as it stays off during my town visits…

Some of my pots are looking happy, the bamboo is not so good…

PS welcome to my new readers! I love seeing my numbers go up! Still not amazingly high, but it still makes me happy! Hello!

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