Willow herb isn’t good either …

Hairy willow herb apparently?

Something I left to grow but I dislike immensely (after the bin is full… ) it’s a perennial but it put in a jolly good show so I had left it. It overshadows my heuchera!!

Overgrown again! Herb area needs attention!
Grass needs digging up!

But I am distracted. I need to pull up some more grass and bindweed for a planted area by my proposed new shed. We have lovely topsoil to resite but I don’t see the point of putting it over weedy grass and having to redo the process in two or three years when the weedy grass resurfaces through new plants. I have spent twenty minutes with my rotavating claw tool making the soil loose. I’ll pull up the plants (grass, dandelions, bindweed and clover) when they die back. I won’t be in a hurry to plant it as it will be a building site (soon?) for the new shed and I want that area to be half flower beds, half patio/seating area/working area.

Another area needs attention! Brambles, euphorbia, and Silver ragwort for the bin! The latter is poisonous.

And I’ve just looked this one up and it’s poisonous. it’s a silver foliage which I’d like but its flowers looks like dandelions. A lot of brambles have grown up over things I’ve planted. It’s really depressing. I hope to have green fingers one day…

Silver ragwort will be dug up, as will the euphorbia. All poisonous.

In the meantime I will be developing muscles turning over the soils and pulling out weeds in rotation around the garden. My relatives won’t be joining me to dig/weed/plant anytime soon unfortunately. It’s a good thing I am keen to try and keep fit! But I must find gloves that are comfortable and don’t allow thorns through. I’ve had hubby using the tweezers too many times this month!

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