Seriously the first time we assembled the hammock outside…

I often have an afternoon nap but today I thought it was mad to be indoors. According to the Met Office app it’s 27 degrees, which is about as hot as I like. So hubby’s hammock has been assembled, I am lying in it (he is in London), and discovering we haven’t set it up correctly (can I be bothered to get up and readjust the bolts? Nope) as my bottom is resting on the metal base. Starting to hurt so maybe I’d better move it soon!

Not as comfy as it could be!

Something is causing my fatigue to ramp up. It’s hot so that might do it, I drove the girls to Welwyn GC to do a bit of shopping (and driving for 30 minutes each way, wearing a mask for the entire time in the shopping centre) has meant an hour in the hammock hasn’t refreshed me as much as I’d hoped. It’s nearly time to start preparing dinner but I have no appetite or energy to be inventive. I am lying in the shade trying to summon enthusiasm (nope, it is hiding) and all I can do is think. My fruity water is isn’t helping either! Energy, energy, wherefore art thine energy? Long gone is the answer I think!


And I think the little boy next door is peeking through the hole in the fence I think. I don’t like the feeling of being watched. I position my lounger, or the hammock, out of the direct line of any neighbouring windows, and the bushes and trees do well to hide me. A very good reason not to eliminate the trees we have but the newest trees we have planted were positioned to thwart direct lines from windows around about. It’s not easy to plan this final garden layout but it’s getting better all the time.

The lily beetle seems to leave the red flowers?
Blue clematis on the apple tree.

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