Hidcote Manor, Chipping Camden

I was treated to a visit to a garden today I’ve long wanted to visit. Lawrence Johnstone built Hidcote Manor garden over many years at the start of the 20th century. It was almost better than my expectations but the distancing/one-way systems put in to allow current COVID rules made it slightly less free flow than the original plan suggested. But there were gorgeous colour combinations and a few wending paths to the furthest corners of the plot. And certain iconic vistas were sectioned off meaning people didn’t populate the images I wanted to take…

People got in this one!
A map provided by National Trust!
These are Hidcote scabious!

They said they’d sold out of one of their plants this weekend and I bet it was these little scabious! I have plants to get into the ground but I’ve already underwatered my plant from the family… eek! I may have put it in too hot a spot too!

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