I have a cake!

We picked up my cake this morning! Lime and coconut! And the shop kindly hasn’t iced numbers on the top! We have lots to do though as we also picked up compost, 3 bags, and I need to clear an area of daffodils, tulips and a silver plant I should never have introduced to the bed. I also want to dig up a lot of grass as the idea is to get rid of bad grass.

Weeding needed!

I am being left to my own devices to ponder and as it’s threatening to get hotter, I might stretch out on the recliner in the shade.

We walked the dog too! Walking through Wymondley Arboretum we saw lots in bloom, including lovely elderflower blossom. We had lovely elderflower tonic with our new gin last night. This is turning into a memorable birthday weekend! The kids spoke to grandparents last night and our barbecue was a real success.

This tonic is recommended!
Elderflower smells lovely!
Crab apple!

And before anybody gets cross we walked the dog through shady woods so it wasn’t too hot for her! I think it’s going to get too hot for me… I have to accept NoGardening day today!

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