Kift gate gardens, Chipping Camden

Over the road from Hidcote we also visited a garden which was inspired by the the things Johnstone had done. It’s not for the faint hearted however or those of using aids, Vertiginous it was and I made heavy use of a strong hand to get up and down the rocky, slightly uneven path. It was worth it to see the bathing pool and the views but my stomach was really unhappy for a bit.

This was the pool but looking back up to the main house

The colours were more vibrant than Hidcote I feel, maybe influenced by the three strong/fiery ladies who’ve lived there, but it would have taken lots of ropes for me to have felt safe there. There was a beautiful bathing pool and extraordinary views over the countryside.

Originally it was laid out with input from Johnstone when the owners became friends. There were really creative plantings at all the different areas of the garden and I did enjoy seeing two gardens influenced by the same designer.

Unfortunately I was snapping away with our camera, not realising the pics weren’t saving as the Hidcote pics had filled the memory card…

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