June is a few days in!

I predicted a wet holiday and it’s been SO hot. I’ve worked a few shifts of my new job, but I can’t really answer the question about when I am working yet as it seems to be four hours a day, five days a week which isn’t what I wanted at all. I’ve been working with others who also would prefer it to be full days so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next.

Huge box!
Smaller box the plants are desperate to leave…

And I have lots to plant suddenly, as I’ve been too busy or too tired to weed or dig. My new black iris has flowered and other things are flowering in the front. Where I would put my new plants in the front is too hot for digging and is needing a weed. Topsy turvy weather has seen records for the June temperatures and make me want to curl up and sleep.

Blackest purple!

I received a couple of boxes with plants in and they were strangely packed for sure. The flat one was in the biggest box and the other were growing through the packaging in a smaller box. I better go water/rescue them and make decisions on locating them. Additionally the girls returned from Cambridge with a birthday plant. It’s too hot today to dig😰 so I have to find some energy from somewhere and keep up myself enthusiastic about what I could do. Ants are everywhere and lilies have been munched alarmingly quickly. Plants I thought I’d pulled out are reappearing. Money pit? It’s that too!

Needs a hole dug ASAP!

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