I am so hot before noon!

That was how I ended up with sunburn… we did stay out of the hottest sun but I forgot to put sun cream on! I’m not an idiot but sometimes it doesn’t occur to me that it’s hot enough for sun cream time? We have had a rubbish May for sun, and I bet there are a few other twits suffering a bit too. There were two of us going mad at the bindweed and I cleared privet and wild roses/brambles in a neglected patch. Do I feel like the garden is looking better? No, not really, I’ve got rid of NoMow May but in future we’ll mow the back and leave the front as it doesn’t have so many nasties we shouldn’t leave to go mad.

Sambuca nigra will be made into juice…
New plants…

The veg patches are doing well in different areas but I think the back has even targeted by pigeons if not small furry creatures and the dog is semi blind so not much of a deterrent… I am tempted to move the beds all to the front you know.

About to bloom!
Veg Up Front is coming along!

We have a whole week left of this holiday and I am not sure whether I have to work or not. Hubby took Thursday off so we have something for the kids to do if I end up working. I suppose I should have asked really. I’ve had a training session but I’m not sure it makes me ‘post ready’. We’ll see? Happy to plant more tomorrow after we take the oldest to Stevenage for her jab she missed by fainting. I guess this is parenting 202?

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