I am finding the shade the best place to…

Be hidden while gardening. June is promising to be hot. So making the most of being slightly rested after 3 days working I am in the garden today. It started early this morning with hubby digging a hole for my new plants in the front by the gate. We had thrown a lot of pea shingle under the slate and rainbow gravel path. Forget-me-nots and mares tail abound! But I also got the lovely surprise of new iris in bloom beside the dying camassias. I am benefiting from lots of planting of seeds and tubers last year.


I really curse mares tail. It is everywhere in the front. Hard to keep filling the bins with it so the plant gets exhausted and dies away. It might kill me first!

Deadheaded tulips and crazy sprouting Veg Up Front! Is it ready to offer people?

But I have more weeding in the back to do. The bin is stinky but the weeds are rotting down if I leave the bin in full sun. So much colour in the garden but lots of culling still needed. My new seat/kneeler has worked well and I found the sunburn the other day didn’t peel as badly as it could have. Tecfidera (my MS drug of the moment) is a skin treatment as well so perhaps it stopped my skin from too much damage?

Shiny allium!
Strawberry blossom 🍓

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