It’s hot out for sure!

I’ve spent a lot of time weeding today after our two garden centre morning! The second place was recently taken over but by a new chain, and it had some of my favourites I couldn’t find in the first. I just planted up the two tall shrubs by the gate. There’s always been a lot of Californian poppy there so I sprinkled some of those seeds, as well as Cleome ‘violet queen’ and some Nigella ‘love in a mist miss Jekyll’. So some blues around my little ceonothus which I’m not sure if it’s a climber or a ‘bubble’ plant. Ie I got it through the post and I’ve filed the information somewhere…

Getting the plants home!

Next along I’ve spied some metallic shiny alliums! Think those are Christophii (my favourites) and there are maybe four of them!

The iris is ‘black tie‘ which should be dramatic against the brick behind the sisyrinchium.
Christophii alliums

My reward for weeding is definitely to get to plant and I have been picking up little tricks. I have watched a lot of gardening programmes including the RHS new garden but also a bit of Gardeners World and there were lots of tips about planting out. Which is why I’ve bought gravel and different types of compost and manure, as well as seaweed fertiliser to add to my watering can. Just got to water everything!

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