So Saturday and Sunday at several garden centres…

It was better today than I hoped! And we got a flame thrower weed burner to try and reduce the horrors over the garden. We have lots to do for sure. I pulled up a lot of bindweed, and burned several of those spiky furry dandelions but one was too close to other plants to use the burner and it was so hard to get rid of. Tomorrow I’ll try burning the stump.

We had a barbecue😌
Some weed burning is needed…
Manure was purchased…

We have lots to do this weekend… the weed burner might help eradicate those spiky weeds! But I have spiky holes in my fingers and I also need to take back the grass after the experiment of NoMow which seems to have caused lots of mowers to break. Was it a plan to destroy our lawnmowers? It was a disaster for our garden and I can hear mowers going around me as I type. I bought some plants – iris, sisyrinchium, centaurea – on Sunday in a different garden centre, hence my frantic weeding, pulling out of euphorbia and the non dandelion with no spikes which I googled to find out it’s bristly oxtongue (spiky) and edible. Sorry not gonna happen! Out!

Bristly Oxtongue

Red came out too,very close but no pic! I wish I wasn’t on my own when it happens – do you believe without photo? But he watched while I removed the privet shoots in one child’s patch and when I found the Jurassic park-sized dandelions he was spectating. I snipped away some spiky brambles and I think I have culled a wild rose. Areas untouched for too long. And I worked through lunch…

Remind me not to do a NoMow month again!

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