All at sea!

Is it just me or are more people getting sick since the lockdown started easing? Eldest has been feeling sick today so in order that she is ok for her DOE expedition on Saturday we kept her home. I was called in as lots of staff sick at college, but it could be vaccine after-effects causing absences?

Now garlic less! Weeds yanked out so alliums are visible.

I actually did a lot of weeding and first was surrounded by garlic odours from the first lot, then astringent pong from the wild geraniums. I was able to get some time to investigate the growth of the Veg Up Front beds which look great after the rain and garlic and onions are starting to show themselves as well as the chard, beetroot and cabbages. They look as good as they can and more ordered than my haphazard ones in the back. Which I have seedlings to add to, if there is room.

It’s on and off weather, just when I think I can do something, the rain starts, and I lose all enthusiasm. I should just accept it for what it is, but I don’t like my gloves being soggy and they are needed when every weed site has something prickly and I am less keen on having to fish out the ones that break off under the skin, using tweezers or worse. I am a bit wimpy…

Veg Up Front is growing well! The rain definitely helps!

The tulips are amazing but near the end. I shall dig up the central ones so we have a path for the beds. Exciting to see alliums shooting up, and flowering where I weeded. Rain came on. I blog!

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