Must not buy more plants…

I have spent a good hour yanking out long grass growing in the wrong places. The girls have said they don’t need patches any more, which I am sad about but it needs rethinking anyway. There are stinkers of dandelions in the patch I spent an hour on fighting the wild winds as well as deceptive soft-looking spiny dandelions. I don’t want to turn my garden into a wild flower meadow as I fear the rampage of these nasties.

That’ll be a weed?
Hiding under a straying privet…
Dog doesn’t like the post so she has chewed my latest seed catalogue… despite a letter basket!
Spiky lethal dandelions? Cull when I can..

Wild winds are throwing everything around the garden again and increasing my dislike for the task today. I intended so much more. I wish my energy was not reminding me of that up-coming birthday, coming up fast, and while we are still not able to congregate…

Sticky Willy!

But it’s not birthdays I care about really, it’s the restrictions we are still under. Life is never going to be the same. I wish so many things and I feel myself getting teary and I must get a grip! Life could be so much worse…

Nice things are growing and I could plant a couple of ceonothus which arrived very quickly but it’s still a tossup where they will go. All that weeding I need to do? I have grasses growing everywhere I don’t think I want growing through the new plants.

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