Meditation while weeding…

That’s three hours this morning and a lot of time contemplating the snail slithering up the exposed dill. I wish they ate grass or dandelions but no they usually go for the things I like!

I have pulled out lots of sticky stuff and lots of yellow buds and floating clock seeds. I think I should encourage the entrance to the replacement summer house to be entered via the step down from the herb garden. I can see how lovely that could be and hubby did say he thought it should have lots of glazing on that side. I can replant herbs around the pathway and reinstate the gravel/brick path.

Now I have more weeds than fit in the green bin so I might need to look again at our compost which I have avoided since I disturbed the rat like creature which we haven’t seen since we moved the sycamore logs!

Looks better but I must work out if the yellow flowers are friends or foe!

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