Some Nice Surprises through The Post…

I was pleasantly surprised by my postal offering today. Lots of tiny plugs looking fresh and potentially alive, which after the horror stories and my own experiences last year, was a welcome experience!

Lots and lots of plugs! I have 4 trugs to fill.

We will be gardening tomorrow for sure, and despite the emails and texts, the children are occupied NEXT weekend and the adults have free passes… So lots to be done by way of Duke of Edinburgh kit bags etc this weekend to make sure next weekend goes smoothly too.

Helpful leaflet!

I’ve bought some purple flowering seeds too which add another level of excitement. The front border for example is looking lovely now the daffodils are gone and we have a lot of purple tulips still. I will keep yellow flowers to a minimum pop, and try to introduce orange as a pop too. My Californian poppies have declined next to the double gate and I think they are one of these biennial plants that need to be reseeded. Hey another job tomorrow. I shall go through my seed packets and check for things I like!

First orange Californian poppy!

P.S. I will be weeding too! The brown bin will be overflowing!

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