Hard work this week?

Ok I spotted loads of my least favourite weed today and while Mares Tail sticks to the front garden (phew!) my husband has spotted big clumps of bindweed in the back! My jobs for the week won’t be simply watering the new trugs I’ve planted but it will involve some serious weeding! I entered into the idea/spirit of nomowMay but it leaves other evils like Couch grass to grow wild. I have to weed in earnest this week and think of a plan for what areas to keep grassed over and think about other ways to plant/organise the garden on a minimal budget. Lots of unwanted things keep returning and it is also very pleasing to see the garden changing. The Laurel has been cut right back and two privet bushes have been lopped. Those could end up being relocated as they simply hide the fence, and prevent us seeing into the neighbours house apparently, but I’ve yet to understand where I’d be standing to be able to do that? On top of the big shed? New flats have been built and although they are still empty, the rooftop has a window that has a most definite view of the centre of our back garden! What with the loss of our sycamore and this new window, I am feeling like more shielding, trees and screening may be needed. The willow is now in a prime spot after we moved it! Am I glad it survived the move!

Mares Tail I pulled out before planting a new verbena boniariensis I picked up today!
New pots!

I look forward to seeing my irises and alliums open. I have planted loads and loads of these now, putting my stamp on the garden. I’m trying not to do yellow or pale pink. I’ve never been a fan, and being a mum of two girls, I tried very hard not to dress them in pink. It’s obviously worked as the girls favour camouflage trousers over dresses…

Little verbena and strawberries
Another cut of the grass will be done tomorrow… nomowMay is a step too far!

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