The rain comes and goes…

I am fair weather really. I’ve had a good stint outdoors felling the long spars of the laurel I don’t like. I sawed and snipped, and snapped the highest spines and all without a ladder. Feeling better, I pulled some long grasses under the spiky hawthorn trees. I’m pulling up the bee food but we have plenty of alternatives. This was a herb garden, then it was going to be a shed, then that blinking ‘shed’ has boomeranged all over and finally landed up being 2 sheds again as we are not going through planning/Heritage to get permission for one large shed. The saga has ended up meaning the areas I have planted have to be done again. The layout is different again, but hey some of the plants are benefiting from relocation.

I’ve done an hour and a half in the garden. The bin is pretty full… having spent a while sawing my upper arms are twinging. That’s why I changed position and started attacking the long grass, it isn’t meant to be there.

Pulling up the long grass and shearing off the laurel has exhausted me and I think lunch before I finish by planting the trugs. I’ve spotted lots of alliums and growing through the daffodil leaves as well. Alliums are definitely my favourites. Can’t wait to see if I’ve managed not to kill off too many by my inadvertent weeding.

A pink allium has popped up. I didn’t plant it!
I did plant this blue one but not the wild garlic…

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