Listening in… at the Hairdresser!

I used to get my gardening magazine fix at the Hairdesser but with all the restrictions (!) chez barber I have to amuse myself on my phone! I am hoping to spend the afternoon potting up some of those plants I have shared with you, and I know from sharing (and tidying) my spare pots that I have lots of broken ceramic bits to weight down the troughs I picked up last week. I have lots of seeds to spread around and I definitely will be spreading more broken eggshells to protect the things the snails and slugs nibble.

This white weed has leaves which add a garlic taste to salad I am told x
First allium!
Maybe this is the blue I am waiting for…

However my hair took a bit more time than expected (and the junior stylist doing her first colour on hair like mine took 2 hours longer than I anticipated.) I am bushed after my day which included a session shushing and being hyper vigilant (although it was a new venue so it was different)… and we won’t have election results for me to shout at the telly tonight, and amazingly there are very few results in and the papers are predicting winners already? Fingers crossed, the predictions are WRONG!

Iris and alliums.

I’ve pulled a few more yellow perils but there are plenty of overgrown bits to mollify the bee lovers. There is blossom aplenty on the oldest apple tree and less but more bauble-like buds on the greenhouse over hanger. We might need to source a sail-like hanging to protect it this year. Ideas of shops for this please!

Old apple tree v younger?
Buds are harder to see…

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