Early May so it shouldn’t SNOW!

Okay I take a little license with this one, but I went out and sorted a few plants I put in a few days ago which had toppled over. It’s blooming freezing! It seems we have something which digs my plants back up, and putting a tiny cherry tree I received through the post into the front circle I unearthed an ants nest! Lots of orange-coloured ants (which I believe are the stinging ones) and it made sense not to hang around. Could they have dug up my two asiatic lilies? (Cheap in Aldi, with a pair of grey grasses, so it would have been rude not to!)

Buds of Mares Tail… I am pulling them as soon as I see them.

There’s a lot of new growth and can I say how excited I am to see Acquilegias all over the place? Again, these self-seed like crazy but maybe new varieties can be introduced if I get clever with cross-pollinating them, which I saw Carol Klein do on Channel Five the other night. Taking a brush to transfer pollen from flower to flower? It looked so easy!

PS: It snowed heavily in Scotland over the Highlands, so my comments about snow did have some substance.

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