Five minutes in the noon day sun?

Phew! I am sweltering! It’s a cracker today and I have trugs to plant up! This is the kind of day when I wish the garden had lots of shady nooks for my potting areas and to sit and read my many book devices… hot for that dog walk I declined to join. I am super tired this week but every day has been busy.

Look at these forget-me-nots!

I’ve planted lots of things! From cineraria and thyme to strawberries and verbena Sparkle Blues, to oregano and lemon balm. The trugs are flanking both sides of the greenhouse path in an attempt to stop the brick edging from moving when people (and dogs) take short cuts.

A bug hotel in progress… as long as the dog doesn’t knock it over. She is quite blind now and knocks things over with gay abandon!

The new sheds are in progress already and I’ve rescued a polemonium which evaded being killed by flying horse chestnuts…

The plan now is to build two sheds, one for garden stuff, storage and potting, and the other a home office/sleepover space… neither of which need an application for planning, as they will be the maximum size without permission. As one will eventually be gardening storage it replaces the tiny impractical potted shed we took down. So bluebells and roses have been resited, as well as a polemonium. We will use the access between the book shed and the back of the garden that’s existing. It means the shed will occupy the space where we dug up the silver birch, which is already very happy in its new home at the edge of the herb garden we dismantled. After the lockdowns, I think Granny B and my dad are considering a trip south. I think they will be called on to help redevelop that herby area. More gravel may need purchasing! Lots of planting to make the garden look very different as we can even see new plants going up to shield the area opened up by the tree that came down. We are so aware of windows that can see into our bedroom, hence talk of bamboo/a rhus being planted. I might visit the garden centre I’ve seen them before and see if it would be a good solution. I also quite like the idea of a water feature so maybe a tree that likes being on the edge of a pond?

Stripy tulip!
Herbs need planted!

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