Still not enjoying Interviews by Zoom!

I’ve already been rejected for a job I interviewed by Zoom yesterday. It was a new role created out of the madness of our post-lockdown world. So I mulled it over at the hairdresser this morning. Even that wasn’t simple, as I hadn’t gone in for a skin test on Monday (I forgot, but I was poorly) which meant that it was over six months since I had had colour and the hairdresser required the test for insurance purposes before I could get colour applied to hide my grey! Anyway, to get answers so quickly is one of the bonuses of the interview by zoom, but it is also difficult to build up any kind of rapport or feel sure of how you drop into a widespread team.

One of the first things I planted five years ago.

Jobs are appearing that tick lots of boxes for me but when you have been doing (largely) ‘mum’ hour jobs that are on Zero hours contracts, it’s more of an ‘argue’ to express how you fit in. As a person who wants to spend time (and money) on making my garden my ‘happy place’ I cannot achieve this without having work on a more regular basis.

New growth! Things I have planted!

The garden still needs regular tidying and watering as well as ideas and inspiration but if I won the lottery, it would be the garden I’d improve first. (As well as getting lots of little jobs finished that were abruptly halted due to the tumultuous nature of life chez mois over the last few years!) Alternatively someone will suggest something to me? I live in hope…

I like the variety in my tulips with a mix of Queen of the Night and Sarah Raven Jewel collection.
Not sure what it is? Plant Snap?

Everyone suggests doing this or that, but it’s not ideal to do simply voluntary work and hope that will lead to a magic opening appearing. I’ve seen that implied in recent charity adverts, but it irks me that places are so desperate for help that they are now dangling imaginary carrots to get people to apply. Call me a cynic? A realist perhaps.

Another blue anenome!

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