Who needs/wants that Privet? Not ME!

An hour of snipping has seen a reduction to the privet bush. And judging by my neighbour’s comments it will not be missed. No nests were disturbed by my pruning and I have a green bin to stamp on tomorrow as I get busy with a saw.

Quite heavily pruned!
Hitch wood

We went in the early evening to a local blue bell wood. And it was truly beautiful with the sun filtering through the trees. I was surprised by the notices stating it can take 20 years for the plants to regrow if they get trampled so we respected signs asking walkers to stay on the path all round. But it was very peaceful walking around the paths and our elderly collie was happy with the slower pace while we took photos…

I’ve missed seeing the bluebells for the last couple of years but it’s really worth the effort to see them in bloom!

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