Hey I moved some bricks!

I have moved a load of the paviours we got last week and moved around the bricks I had laid out last year. I need to still get some gravel and put it on the path between the paviours but the path is already looking so much nicer. Thank you free cycle!

Nearly laid out! Ignore the mess

I have to say I’ve only done a bit, and then I had to sit down. Hey ‘Parks and Recreation’ was on and it was the London episode so I had to stop for it! Kids have really gotten into this and it’s a few years old apparently… but let me get back to moving slabs.

Weeding still needed! Those blue flowers are all over!

But lots needs moving and tidying. Do I still need to make a trip to the Public Skip? Yes I do! So shall I order a bag of gravel? Hmm I might!

Maybe it’s a bit hopeful to think that will happen today…

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