Productive planting!

I have been trying not to plant everything at the same time. We have a little pot of tomato and pepper seeds I’ve had sat on the window drying out, so they have been planted. I’ve planted some cucamelons with some chilli plants and tomatoes from a seed grower, so they get the hot side of the greenhouse. I’ve planted dill, basil and oregano. Echinacea, black eyed Susan and cornflowers. Phew! I still have lots of seeds, and I’ve seen other packets during my forays into the greenhouse and there are more to be planted. Luckily the rain came on after I did my little bit perching on the patio slabs that are not cemented. This is why I need the patio ‘stuck down’. I know I need places to perch and rest around the garden. We get occasional sunny spells down south, you know.

Work in progress!

Easter holidays start tomorrow lunchtime! And party for my youngest’s birthday is during the holiday so it looks like we will be partying for days! If lockdown starts to ease in the next few days we can make some longer trips, to see grandma maybe.

I can now identify the triffid-like stalks as peonies!

As I am happy in the garden you may see a few April posts! April showers? We hope not! I need a bigger greenhouse if so! We also need to ensure all our sheds are catching the water ecologically. It’s much better for growing things catching rainwater than using tap (aka expensive and hard) water. I also spread some poppy bombs in the front. The bombs have chili and other things to ward off the slugs and snails!

Finally, we will have to work out how to stop the rat runs and holes being used and protect the plants in the process. Least favourite job! 🤪

Some of these poppy bombs are added to the front garden!

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