Nagging does work!

I wrote one blog in the morning and my other half came in from his ringing phones and told me to get outside. So I did!

Ladybirds dislodged by ivy clearance.

Mostly weeding though I had things to plant, it gives me time to work out where new things can go. I like swathes of things but it also means clearing weeds, moss and grass. The front is very much a weeding area. Things keep popping up that I don’t want. There are lots of rowan trees on our stretch of the main road, and not surprisingly we have several growing up in our garden. I am not sure whether to yank these or let them grow, but there is the consideration that they will grow too big, too close to the house, and also I’d rather have a specimen small tree in the circle Ive been developing in the middle. Said circle needs a lot of weeding as the mossy grass it replaced is largely couch or wild grass. Gardening is a repetitive process.

Growing through the grass?

It also got a bit wet for me! I have soggy patches on my trousers even with a kneeler. And my planting was interrupted by actual rain! I’ll get back to it later.

I can’t wait till these are fully out!

One thing I was made aware of in the gardening article is the use of red yellow and pink flowers are easier to see. I think my palette of blues and purples are less so. Well the summer will tell. So much growing now!

Gardening with MS: Benefits and tips

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