A productive hour in the garden!

I met up with a passionate lady in my front garden this morning. We chatted for a long time about a new initiative she is setting up and trying to get local support(ers) for. I am signed in to lots of community groups and one on ‘next door.co.uk’ had a post by Gilly Chegwyn about an initiative she is setting up called VegUpFront. The group will help you to set up beds to grow community vegetables in your front garden. We had a long chat and after she left I continued weeding under the hedge that runs along the front, mulling over some of the things we discussed.

Someone else’s rubbish! In our hedge!

The garden is ideally placed for this initiative as we are on a fairly busy main artery through Letchworth and have lots of people walking and cycling past. I am quite excited about it. I already have my veg beds planted in the back garden so this would give a whole other area of raised beds, which would benefit my possible physical issues.

I also inadvertently ate poppy seeds yesterday and it’s definitely affected me. I overbalanced several times in the hour I was out. I’m not sure what the extent of my intolerance to poppyseeds is, but I have to be a bit more careful when eating premade foods.

If any local friends are interested in VegUpFront Gilly can be reached on 07939 662045

First tulips appearing! I think these are frilly!

I was also a bit cross about the amount of plastic I found in the front. Because we are on a main thoroughfare we find a LOT of plastic stuck in the bushes along the front. They say littering increased under lockdown, well, I can confirm. The amount of plastic gloves and sweetie wrappers is shocking!

Weeding and litter picking!

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