Front garden and fifteen minutes or so!

The front garden appears to be grass but it’s actually nothing like a lawn and I need to just pull, cut and dig in some new plants. I dug in some star lilies and Astrantia but there was lots of grass, moss and spiky hawthorn-type twigs and rowan trees creeping in. I don’t want much to stay and I probably need to rotavate it a bit because a lot of unwanted shrubs are increasing dramatically. Lots of alliums planted last year are coming up and some things I have planted are starting to make an impact on the space. It’s yellow and blue in the main at the moment and will turn purple in May hopefully.

Grass growing through my sambuca and phormium hides a nasty creeper weed.
Spiky hawthorn or an offshoot of the spiky bush I garrotted at the front gate?
Unidentified as yet?

I had a trip to Addenbrookes this morning and my session with my MS nurse was very positive: I managed not to blub so I am feeling a bit more in control. She set me some targets but it was fabulous to have a positive appointment for once in this difficult year. It was a bit mucked up by administrative glitches but that was only a computer error, so no point being grumpy about it. Computer glitches and missing cohorts made my working afternoon a little bit of a nightmare but we all got it sorted and my drive home at five-thirty on Friday was not as bad as it could have been!

I love this hebe which was one of the first things I added five years ago…

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