Gusty all over!

It is actually gorgeous outside, if a little blustery. Reports are in of bins and greenhouses blowing over, but fingers crossed we haven’t added to the litter anywhere. Our plants are filling me with excited anticipation as there’s a lot in bud. It looks like the alliums will be plentiful and the areas I’ve spent a bit of money on are coming into their own. Colour is appearing all over. Little blue flowers!

Hawthorn Blossom!

I have free time to get things done before tomorrow’s Addenbrookes appointment and exam in the afternoon. I so thought it was going to be rainy I didn’t get myself garden ready. I also have a load of black bananas I need to bake with… mmm muffins?

I planted loads here…

The blossom is out on the hawthorn tree I pruned last week and it looks gorgeous. I saw pigeons rooting around on the fence post I cleared of Ivy. I just hope they don’t nest! It’s about to be the ‘stop pruning’ period so should I run out and clear the last bits? Or bake… Toss a coin!

Hebe looks great!
Banana cake 😋

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