Rain stopped play! Or I don’t garden when it’s wet?

Testing is the new nightmare of 21st century life? Right? It affects us all. And it is truly unpleasant to jab your tonsils and up your nose with a large cotton bud…

Daffodils are opening up!

Tonight is threatening to see gales lifting everything loose in the garden and it hasn’t been nice to head out to check everything today. Fingers crossed we won’t lose anything we treasure. Like a new bud I spotted on my rounds? The daffodils I shot earlier are lovely bi-coloured daffodils but the wind was against me and only one pic is ok?

Lots of people after a greenhouse… I did suggest to someone to keep an eye out on local FB sites!

But things are happening and I may have news in my next few blogs… my views are going up at a crazy rate at the moment which is exciting. If we all get vaccinated and we can start going out I might ‘plan’ some garden visits… optimistic to the end!

Apparently this was spotted and blocked up so my paranoia about the grey furry beast I saw running about in my books is unfounded!

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