I am on strike…

It’s been a cold few days! The snow has kiboshed any gardening aspirations and to be honest, even the greenhouse is not appealing. I have no desire to be out in the zero temperature so I am leaving the seeds to one side and enjoying the view from the house looking out. We have halfterm next week so I will need to get thinking about options during the remainder of Lockdown 3. My daughter’s school delivered a care package of balls and frisbee and delights for a nine-year old. The teenager had a lockdown birthday on Friday so my prediction for less blogging has been accurate.

The bulbs are really shooting up now and they are quite obvious against the snow. And there are tulips and daffodils…

Can you see the bulbs?
Bulbs and grasses in snow

The dog got groomed and the walk over snowy streets is meaning I want to stay inside. I’ve things to plant but zero degrees will kill them off.

A treat for me

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