Christmas Eve Eve!

Oh in case I forget, Merry Christmas to one and all, even the beepers… Drivers in my city drive me crazy! Beeped twice in a run around the block? I don’t want to speed but I’m getting used to the car. Crazy 4by4 tractors are the worst… we’ve gone down from one so can I be allowed? The road layout of a Garden City, after all, is meant to help you get around but it doesn’t mean you don’t have stroppy rude drivers?

It really doesn’t fill me with goodwill when I get beeped by the same person twice. Our road being one of the longest in Britain (seriously) also has some of the worst roundabouts and passing places the locals use but newbies don’t acknowledge. We have lots of double yellows but those are rarely followed. It’s probably not possible to introduce new markings but when the old familiars are regularly ignored on our street, it doesn’t help.

Banana and chocolate bread. My friend used this as a birthday cake and I loved it!

I’ve baked today and made a star-shaped Bundt with chocolate, peanuts and banana. I got a tin and realised today how expensive it was. (Oops) It is going to be used a LOT to make it pay for itself! But the bits we broke off (they overflowed the tin) are tasty!

I also used my recipe from a South African friend and made Banana Bread with optional chocolate. We have cakes for Christmas and I’ve used up some of the black bananas from the freezer. Using up lockdown food! Yum!

Ps We have no idea how to remove the star-shaped cake out of the tin! Think it might stay in there! And the Korean meal for Christmas Eve is also under preparation. Hope that’s yum too. Bon appetite everyone!

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